The following work was made for Outback while working for Public Imagery in Tampa, Florida. The company focuses in Interior Branding, which in other words means we design and create pieces for the Interior Design and overall experience of our clients interiors, in the case different Outback locations in the U.S. The content presented here was designed by me and manufactured in-house, the pieces were produced in different materials, some being printed directly on wood, pvc, chalkboard, vinyl or a mix of some of the previously mentioned materials.

This piece was produced specifically for the Outback headquarters, the piece is 32ft (9.75 mts) long and reflects different iconic landscapes of Australia, was printed directly on vinyl.

This group of individual pieces where design and produced based on the different choices of steak that the restaurant, known for his grilled steaks, offers in its menu.

The overall piece serves as a versatile way to occupy space inside the restaurant, making easily customizable depending on each location and space available.

It was printed in an assortment of materials including wood, chalkboard and pvc.

This mural was a custom made piece, specially designed for their new location in Tampa, that sits right in front of their Headquarters. The graffiti-like graphic piece was directly printed on transparent vynil.

To the right, a fun picture of me with the finished
piece already installed in said location.