Wake Up Feeling Like Kanye



Always turns quotes by the "most arrogant person on earth" into inspirational self-confidence reminders for young girls, proving that confidence can take you places.

It may sound crazy... but studies show that young girls from 13 to 18 y/o start losing their confidence after they get their first period, their lower self-esteem drives them to doubt themselves and their future careers.

We want to inspire girls through encouraging words, even when everything seems against them. But not with anyone’s words, we’ll inspire them with the words of someone who doesn’t lack any confidence and... who can’t definitely shut up about it? Kan“ye” West, yes, the most confident person on earth. So we’ll turn his arrogant quotes into powerful messages to encourage young girls to feel confident no matter what.

We know... another man telling girls what to do? Risky... Not really, we care about the words not the person, that's why there will be no mention of him anywhere along with the quotes, this is not about him is about what matters: the ability to talk to and about himself highly no matter what he's done right or wrong.

To help reach our audience Always will partner with middle-schools and high-schools to share those powerful messages directly in girl’s restrooms. And print ads on magazines dedicated to girls with upfront images of something that is considered taboo, a giant period pad right on your face.