Retail Therapy



Ikea partners with Headspace to provide self-care through phototherapy

Mental-health Awareness + Monochromatic Light = Phototherapy Lamps.

IKEA partners with Headspace for a powerful campaign that spotlights personal wellness by showcasing IKEA's new phototherapy lamps as a simple self-care solution.

IKEA gives readers a real life “lightbulb moment” when the turn of a page reveals the calming effect of its phototherapy lamps.

Turning IKEA’s showrooms into immersive on-the-spot therapy rooms, allowing shoppers
to try their phototherapy lamps firsthand, and experience true retail therapy.

Designedto make phototherapy even more accessible, IKEA's space on Headspace's mobile app gives users the chance to take light therapy on the go with it's own podcast to go along.