Reshape It


Future Lions 2021 - Shortlisted | AD Stars 2021 - Crystal Winner | M.AD School Global Hackathon Q1 2021 - Winner


Lego launches digital space that allows kids to play and find solutions to everyday problems at the same time

People often believe children can't impact the "adult world". Being busy with their lives, they don't have the opportunity to see what amazing things kids can create while playing. If we change their surroundings, we might be able to change their opinion.

That's why Lego will launch an app where kids can reimagine everyday urban objects (bus stops, benches, bridges, etc.), with the best creations being brought to the real world by Lego.

Influencers with kid-centric viewership will challenge their young followers to unleash their creativity on ‘Reshape It.’

Through the website and the app, children will be able to build and share the world as they imagine it. LEGO will turn the most creative designs into reality, replacing damaged urban infrastructure around different cities. Each installation will credit it's creator with name and age, highlighting the message "Playing leads to great things."