Tap The Tap

Wunderman Thompson - APAC Passion Project

Wunderman Thompson  - APAC Passion Project

Using voice assistants to listen to your tooth-brushing habits and remind you to save water and get rewarded for it.

On average, when someone brushes their teeth without closing the tap, approximately 8-24L of water are wasted, somewhat around 64 glasses of water.

Can you even imagine?

We created an app that reminds you to close the tap, featuring your loyal companions Alexa, Siri and Google. With the help of everyone’s favorite voice assistants we’ll help people remember to close the tap, and stop wasting water.

The app will allow the smart devices to listen for the sound of water running water, when more than 10 seconds have passed they’ll alert you. Through the app you’ll be able to accumulate 64 glasses of water, which will count as points to redeem products and entertainment from Apple, Google and AmazonPrime as a reward